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DOTD June 4, 2011

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Baby J:  Kissaluvs fitted, snappi and a blueberry OS cover

Big Guy:  underpants.  Let’s hope that potty regression is done with!


A sad day….

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So…, I’m kinda sad today.  It’s a cold, gloomy, rainy day in Edmonton which doesn’t help, but I’m sad for another reason.

Yesterday I packed up a big box of stuff to take to a consignment store.  It’s good to purge and clean, but it’s hard to say goodbye.  What did I say goodbye to? Clothes that will never fit me again.  Baby clothes.  Baby toys.

I can deal with the clothes.  I don’t love my post partum body, and I don’t know if I ever will.  But too-small clothes sitting in my wardrobe don’t do me any favours.  At least most of the ones I got rid of were just because they’re now too small on my chest 😉

But I am sad about getting rid of the baby stuff.  I’ve been handing on baby clothes for as long as Baby J has been growing out of them, and since most of them were hand-me-downs anyway I’m happy to share the love.  But yesterday I got rid of baby “gear” as well.  A bumbo chair, and a little outdor bed thingy.  The were the Big Guy’s orignally, and then Baby J used them, but I don’t think there will be a baby #3 to use them.  And that’s why I’m sad.  My husband had always said that 2 was the perfect number of children, but I think in my heart I was secretly holding out for a girl.  But after this past year, and what the last pregnancy did to me (both mind and body), and just can’t see #3 in our future.

It’s sad, but maybe it’s for the best.



Re-fluffing my fluff April 29, 2011

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Last Friday was Earth Day, and to commemorate this over 100 Edmonton and area moms got together to take part in the Great Cloth Diaper Change (  A bunch of local business got together a put together a really great event, and even gave us all swag bags filled with coupons and samples.  I couldn’t care less about the coupons (since my CD stash is already bigger than it needs to be), but I love me a freebie.

Included in the swag were:  Monkey Doodlez wipe cubes (I make my own wipe solution, but I’ll try these), an Earth Mom & Baby bamboo wipe (I love the diapers, so I’m happy about this), a flannel wipe, a Grandma El’s diaper rash remedy sample, and a Laundry Tarts detergent sample (mine was chocolate).

The first (and so far only) sample I used was the Laundry Tarts (  I don’t know why I decided to use this on my last CD wash day.  I had just finished a bag of Rockin’Green and was yet to open the next bag, so it seemed to make sense.  I was expecting a yummy, decadent, chocolately scent, and I was a little disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong, it smelled good, but to a chocaholic like me it was a bit of a let-down.  After the wash was done though, I got the first of two suprises.  When I opened my drier, I could smell the diapers.  Not a gross urine smell (thank goodness!), but a faint, yummy-ish (although not really chocolatey) smell.  Folding my diapers later, I got my second suprise.  As anyone who reads this blog regularly would know, I have a lot of bamboo diapers, mainly Bamboozles and Bumboos.  I love bamboo for it’s absorbancy, but I do find it has a tendency to get a little crunchy as time goes by.  But all of a sudden, as I was folding my Bumboos, I noticed that they felt softer and fluffier than they have in months (please note, these diapers are almost a year old now).  They’re not as soft as when I first bought them (I don’t think anything could be that soft.  Ever.), but they are softer than they were.  The Bamboozles too, and those ones are about 2 1/2 years old.

So, I’ve been a Rockin’Green girl for a while now, using it and recommending it, but based on my one use of Laundry Tarts, I may have to defect.  I snagged a second sample from the One Posh Baby ( booth at GCDC, so I’ll test it out again, but when my next bag of Rockin’Green is done, I may have to buy a bag of Laundry Tarts.  Now it’s time for the hardest decision…. which scent? Lemon Meringue Pie? Orchard Peach? Pina Colada?


DOTD: New fluff! April 20, 2011

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We had a great fluffy mail day this week, and so today we’re trying out a new diaper.  Or to be specific, an old diaper with a new cover.  After seeing the Monkey Doodlez Tuck and Go (TAG) system that Tiny Gem sent me in my diaper kit, I was really interested to try it out for myself.  This is a two-part diaper – covers and liners – but I just bought the cover.  You see, I have a bunch of prefolds that I rarely use, and I hate to see them just sitting there.  But it looked like they would fit perfectly inside the TAG cover, and voila! Now I can use my prefolds again. 

So today’s Diaper of the Day? A gorgeous chocolate brown TAG cover with an almost 3 year old prefold tri-folded inside.  So far we’ve had a wet diaper and a dirty diaper, and neither leaked or got the cover dirty.  I took some pictures of them “on the job”, but I’ll take some of the inside as well, and try to get them posted as well.  And maybe a full review, too…


Helping BabyJ sleep April 17, 2011

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Night 6:  BabyJ went down well after nursing, at around 7:30.  But he was back to his old habits overnight, waking up three times before finally getting up for the day.  On the plus side, it is getting easier to get him back into his crib… he doesn’t scream as much as he used to… and since I’ve cut out the night feedings his wake-ups (and therefore mine too) are noticeably shorter.

Night 7:  Another night of wake-ups.

Night 8:  Bedtime was a little later than usual, after a busy day of babywearing geekery 🙂 BabyJ’s nap schedule was pretty messed up so I was forseeing a bad sleep schedule too, but he was really good.  In bed by about 7:30 after nursing and stories and songs in the rocking chair.  He went to sleep really easily, and didn’t wake up until 4am.  We nursed again, and then he slept ’til just after 6.  A little early for my liking, but I’ll take a shorter sleep over an interupted one.

So, after a week of my modified CIO sleep training I’m going to call it a success.  BabyJ may not be sleeping a solid 12 hours, but it’s now a lot easier to get him in his crib, and his wake-ups are less frequent and shorter.  He’s also nursing more effectively and therefore at longer intervals (once overnight instead of 2 or 3 times).  He’s getting more sleep, and that means I’m getting more sleep (which you will remember was the point of this).  Now if only I can do the same for his naps as well…..


Helping BabyJ sleep April 14, 2011

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Night 5:  A total failure, on all fronts.  Nobody slept through the night.  No. bo. dy.


Helping BabyJ sleep April 13, 2011

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Night 4:  Last night BabyJ was in bed before 7pm.  We nursed, read a few stories, sang a few songs, and he drowsed off in my arms.  So sweet! There’s nothing I like better than sleepy baby snuggles 🙂 I gently put him in his crib and he stayed asleep, and then slept from 7 ’til 4:30.  When he woke and didn’t seem like he was going to go back to sleep, I went in and we nursed for about 15 minutes.  I put him back in his crib (awake) and he’d wasn’t too happy about that! Each time I tried to leave, he would cry.  It broke my heart, so of course I went back to stroke his hair, cheek or hand, but as soon as he calmed down I would try to leave again, and he would cry again.  After a couple of attempts I realised that he would keep doing it for as long as I would keep coming back.  So I just left.  He cried for about a minute, and by the time I was back in bed he had stopped crying.  He slept again until 6:59, waking up just in time to see Daddy before he left for work.  Night 4? A succes!